About the Author

Dr. Philokypros Ioulianou is a security expert holding a PhD from the University of York. He graduated from the Computer Science department in Cyprus and worked as a computer programmer since 2016. In 2018, he decided to focus on the computer and network security field. The reason behind the decision was the lack of security talent, especially in Cyprus, and that routine in our field is not the same. During his career, he managed to graduate with a PhD on Internet of Things (IoT) Security. If you are interested my programming achievements, you can find some of my projects this Github repository.

You will wonder, why I focus on computer security? First of all, it is a challenging and interesting field. Moreover, not many people pay attention to securing their cyber life. That’s why there is a big lack of knowledge in an average internet user of what and why understand security.

The above reasons explain my goal of this website; teach something useful to you about security and how things actually work in the world of internet.

Much of my knowledge about cybersecurity, computers, Things and networks comes from my university studies and my personal security career. Hope you enjoy it!